LittleBigPlanet Concept Art: The Wheel of Death

In the first LittleBigPlanet there is a large wheel near the end of the game that is infamous amongst the LBP community. It is known as the wheel of death, a spiralling electric maze that is the bane of any platinum trophy collector, and a level that the design team here have often acknowledged, might be just a tad too tough. 

We don't actually know who these pieces of concept art are by, probably one of the designers who have since left to pursue other ventures, but we think one of them shows the basis for what would eventually become that wheel.

In this instance it's part of a circus theme, and is drawn alongside a unicycle trapeze, and a quick pun scribbled at the top that we probably never used, 'the Glueniverse', perhaps something we should have used for Tearaway!

LBP Concept Art - 001
LBP Concept Art - 002


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