LittleBigPlanet Fan Meet 2011 at Eurogamer Expo

Leaving it to the last minute? Us? Never.

The Eurogamer Expo started today, games as far as the eye can see for everyone to play, yay!
As usual we will be there this weekend to say hello to you all!

We’ll be doing some developer sessions as part of the PlayStation Access area on Friday and Sunday, talking about the new Move pack and giving people the chance to ask us weird and wonderful questions.
On Saturday we will be having a fan meet, where you will be able to High Five the one and only Alex Evans, and get your Touching Royalty pin! This is your chance folks!

LittleBigPlanet Fan Meet 2011 at Eurogamer Expo

Fan Meet

The Fan meet will be at the PlayStation Access area on Saturday at 16:30 until 17:30.

If you bring us a piece of LBP Fan art, no matter how terrible yo think it might be, then there might be something in it for you*  - hint hint!**
(*until we run out of cool things to exchange!)
(** you really should bring some fan art)

If you attend the fan meet, you can also get your Fan Meetup pin!

Move Sessions

If you’re interested in attending a session and hear us talk about the Move pack, and answer some Questions, then you can book yourself in by heading to the PlayStation Access booth and asking about LBP sessions! We have sessions on Friday and Sunday.


If you happen to be going to the Eurogamer / Sticktwiddlers party on Saturday night, then you’ll find us there too, along with some LBP related challenges to undertake!

See you there folks! Tweet @thespaff for more info or if you get lost!


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