LittleBigPlanet in the V&A Museum’s British Design Exhibition

Last week we took a trip to the V&A Museum in London to check out their exhibition on British Design. It was like a school outing but without the packed lunches, and producers in the role of teachers, there to make sure no one got lost.

The exhibition itself celebrates British Design from 1948, when Britain last hosted the Olympic Games, to this year when we welcome the worlds Athletes to our shores once again. There, nestled in amongst marvels like a Mini, music from The Beatles, Sinclair Spectrum, Concorde, a Ziggy Stardust outfit and a map of Mordor, is LittleBigPlanet.

It is beyond an honour for us to have our game featured alongside such classic and iconic examples of British design, and we feel very humbled to be part of the exhibition! We highly recommend going to check it out, there are so many amazing things that this little island has managed to produce over the years, and seeing them all in once place is quite mind blowing.


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