LittleBigPlanet Shoes - Charity Auction!


These amazing LittleBigPlanet shoes are the work of the hardworking and rather fabulous Nick Tonks, the artist behind KyozoKicks, a website dedicated to video game themed shoes. This pair of ordinary boring Vans shoes have been covered in brightly coloured stickers from the various LittleBigPlanet games, all painted on by hand.


The design that would eventually come to make up this pair was taken directly from an experience I had, and continue to have, with the game. Give the sticker tool to someone who doesn’t play games often and they will begin, slowly, randomly and then frantically, placing stickers about the screen. Soon what they are doing becomes lost in a blur, Their eyes widen, they can’t help emit a small, yet audible, manic laugh, like you they too are now hooked. what you are left with once they finally step back from the controller is something not too dissimilar to these shoes I hope. No rhyme or reason to the stickers placement.

They could be yours!

These wonderful shoes can be yours! Nick is auctioning the shoes off, with 100% of the money going to gamer’s charity Child’s Play - a charity that buys toys and games for hospitals. 


Just think how good these shoes would look upon your shelf, in that special place you have saved for this exact sort of thing. Your shelf that longs for exciting collectable items like this to grace its blank surface. Just think, these are the only shoes like this in the world, and you are the biggest LBP fan, how can you not bid… if you don’t then you will surely forever regret the day you didn’t bid on the best shoes in the world. Then one day not too long form now you will find yourself your best friend’s house, and see these shoes on their shelf. Wow, they look so good, why weren’t they yours! Why didn’t you take the opportunity to bid on them? WHY? The jealousy will drive you mad, and you will storm from the house, forever resenting your friend and never speaking to them again.

Do you want that to happen? No? Well then So do yourself and and your shelf a favour, get over to the auction to place a bid!


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