Luci Black and Amy Phillips Talk Game Development

Here at Mm we're passionate about lots of things: Creativity, community, great games (of course!) and, in particular, empowering women in the games industry. We're very proud of how many women make up our team and we love to highlight their talent and skill!

Step forward Luci Black and Amy Phillips, two of our longest standing female Molecules! Recently they were approached by Jennifer Allen from Remeshed to write an article on their careers and the result is this insightful piece not only on how they made it into the industry in the first place, but also a little on how Mm came to be and their thoughts on how we can get more girls into tech and ultimately into the games industry too.

The article is definitely worth five minutes of your time, and please let us know your thoughts in the comments! If you want to, you can also follow Luci and Amy on Twitter!

Luci Amy


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