lurve, play-create-share & e3

Each of those tiny tellies is actually MASSIVE

well that was a fun e3! I really don’t do jet-lag well but the people of america (TM) didn’t seem to mind. THANKS AMERICANS! Nice burgers. We’ll post more updates about e3 soon.

Amidst all the madness on the way home, we were rather shocked to find a pile of nastygrams awaiting us. What could this mean? Did sackboy go out and throw up on someone’s new suede shoes? Ah no, it was merely a case of ye-olde-internet-crossed wires. Fear not, ye peeps of the intertubes, see here for calming balm:

but of course you’d much rather read something like this and not worry about all of that hot air…

indeed, just take a dip into any other of the articles has been collecting, bless them. Right? Lovely. Tea. Drink it. Yummy.


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