Made By The Molecules 2 Livestream!

You are cordially invited to our next livestream, CoMmunity!

Yep, after a couple of weeks of our EGX streams, we're ready to get comfy once again on the Mm sofa with a brand new stream! Our first stream of the month will be taking place Thursday 11th October at 5PM BST!

We'll once again be sitting down with a group of Molecules on the Mm sofa to get an inside look at their personal creations from within Dreams! If you missed our last stream, we went through Dreams creations such as Given Time, Ferovium as well as a bunch of characters created by Emei!

Made By The Molcules2

This time, we'll be looking at games such as Dr Rendezvous from Tom Dallaway, as well as creations from Ed Hargrave, Kevin Watt and other Molecules! They'll be playing through their games and then giving you an inside look at some of the goings-on behind the scenes to show you what's possible in Dreams!

Talking of what's possible in Dreams, did you hear that our Game Informer cover for their November issue was created ENTIRELY in Dreams? We'll be kicking things off next Thursday with Jon Eckersley with a look at how the most beautiful cover you ever did see came together!

So, remember to set those Twitch, Facebook and PlayStation Event reminders so that you don't miss out on our next stream! We'll see you next week!

Missed our dive in to some brand new Dreams creations? We've popped the stream below for you to catch up on whenever you're ready!


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