Made By The Molecules Livestream

Happy Friday, CoMmunity! 

We know what you're thinking: ''But, it was only JUST PAX? How is there another stream happening already, Media Molecule?!'' Well, not only are we already announcing our next stream, but it's coming sooner than usual - we'll be live on Twitch next Wednesday, 12th September at 5PM BST. 

The Made By The Molecules stream will feature 5 Molecules who have created some awesome stuff in Dreams! Emei, Tom (Dallaway, one of our many Toms), Liam, Christophe and Steve will be going through their work and explaining what makes them tick, including some CoMmunity favourites such as Hammer Time, Moon Raiders and Given Time!

Made By Molecules

Everyone's super excited to share their creations with the CoMmunity, so this'll be a stream you don't want to miss out on! To make sure that doesn't happen, set the usual reminders on Facebook Events, Twitch Events and by registering on PlayStation Events. You'll be reminded just before we go live, which is always super useful!

Of course, if you want to keep yourself up to date on Dreams streams over the weekend, our PAX Game Jam is now available to watch on our YouTube! We'll see you on the stream, next Wednesday!

Missed the stream? No need to worry, you can watch it in FULL below! 


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