Make yourself a plushie GOPHER!

For those of you out there who are good with a needle and thread, we have some rather exciting gopher-plushie related news to share with you all!

Naomi, one of our uber talented artists here at Mm is also a plushie-smith. When she's not making beautiful things in the Molecule, she's busy at home crafting colourful and adorable plushies! They're pretty amazing, take a look at some of Naomi's toys on her website and give her a follow on Twitter too.

Naomi decided to extend her plush-making skills to the papery world of Tearaway recently and made us THIS AMAZING PLUSHIE. Just look at it, it's marvellous!


Naomi's adorable squishy Gopher <3

We know how our community like to customise and remix things, so we thought it might be fun to share Naomi's sewing pattern to see what you all do with it! Naomi has kindly shared her pattern and instructions with us below so if you fancy making your own little squishy Gopher friend, you can!

We'd love to see your plushies creations so get sewing folks! And feel free to take Naomi's pattern and mix it up. We want to see your most fantastical and imaginative Gopher! And don't forget to share your plushies with us on Twitter @tearawaygame or on our Facebook Page.

As they say in Valleyfold...GOPHER IT!


Please make me a pal! <3


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