Marvellous partnership revealed at Comic-Con

This last weekend, a huge gathering of friendly like-minded nerd folk gathered in San Diego for Comic Con, an annual occurrence of all things geek chic, not just limited to comics, but video games too. Some Sony folk were there to show off the PSP version of the game, some of our favourite player created levels, and also to make a cool announcement…

One of the final presentations from Comic book super stars Marvel was all about the next generation of Marvel video games, and amongst some very cool sounding games, they announced a partnership between them, and us!

To show off the possibilities of this deal, some sexy looking costume concepts were shown: Wolverine, Captain America and Iron Man! Here they are on screen at the Panel.


The final selection of characters coming your way is yet to be decided, but it’s fairly likely you’ll soon be gadding about with your adamantium claws on. Snickety Snick!


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