Media Molecule Podcast 17 - Ouchies

Skeletor in Kenny's kitchen

Oh dear… Have you ever played a game so vigorously—so enthusiastically, so POWERFULLY—that you’ve accidentally given yourself an injury? Spaff, Tom, Kenny, and Alice think back on all the times they’ve given themselves a game-related ouchie for this podcast’s Topic of the Week (spoiler: Spaff is made of glass and is currently sporting a fractured radius). Cradle that sore gaming thumb of yours as we read out some stories from you, the listeners!

On an entirely less “owie” note, the Sackies have reached the end of the nominations phase! Keep your butts glued to your seats, as the finalists will soon be revealed and you’ll be able to enter the voting phase. Very exciting :)

Lastly, if you managed to listen past our attempts at horrible puns early on in the podcast, you may have heard us mention some of the following:

New! Podcast available on Soundcloud

We’re currently in the process of testing out the rather super social-sound-service, SoundCloud, for our podcasts. You know, so you peeps can comment on podcasts directly (try it!) and generally make sharing the podcast easier. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Media Molecule Podcast 17 - Ouchies

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