Media Molecule Podcast 20 - Easter Special

And we’re back with your second Media Molecule podcast for the week! Isn’t that exciting? It is Easter weekend after all, and as we’ve missed you listeners so much, Kenny, Spaff, and Alice hop back into the sound cave mere days after the last recording. What is it like to see Obama punch a journalist in Mass Effect 3? How awesome is it that Alice has her white robe in Journey? And how dazzled are your ears by Kenny’s use of ‘ting’? You can find out by simply listen-ting!

Last, but not least, this week’s episode sees the second GDC special segment, an audio focussed discussion between Kenny and shiny special guests, Austin Wintory (Journey composer) and Brian Min (Double Fine Production’s Audio Director). We hope you enjoy it!

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Media Molecule Podcast 20 - Easter Special

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