Media Molecule Podcast 21 - Making Headlines

We’re off to a rambling start in this week’s podcast, with questions about what exactly it is that Jagermeister’s made of, and how it is that Scrooge McDuck ever managed to successfully swim in his pool of gold coins. But thankfully, for your sanity’s sake (and ours), Kenny, Tom, Spaff, and Alice pull it together and dive into matters of utmost importance: various Scottish confectionery! The topic of the week takes us by surprise, as Tom reveals his childhood brush with fame, having appeared in a newspaper article about potential electrocution. Have you also ever made headlines? Send us your story to podcast AT!

Also, please welcome LittleBigPlanet’s new Community Co-ordinator, Steven Isbell, for his first-time Mm podcast appearance! We wheel Steven in to go over the LBP news this week, which includes Update 1.12!

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Media Molecule Podcast 21 - Making Headlines

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