Media Molecule Podcast 23 - Lucid Podcasting

We’re nearly through May now, but with all this wet weather we’re experiencing in Guildford, it hardly seems believable that Summer is right around the corner. That’s why, for this week’s podcast, we’ve brought on returning guest John B, because his surname sounds like beach, and we like beaches. What’s that? His name is spelled ‘Beech’ not ‘Beach’? Never mind,  I’m sure you’ll still enjoy all the fabulous stories he has to share about his award winning miniature painting skills and newly purchased POWER KITE regardless of the lack of beaches. It’s a very exciting episode, and Alice and Spaff listen on in amazement as Kenny and John recount their perhaps slightly worrying tales of night terrors and lucid dreams!

Also, if you’re an amazing UI Designer who would love to become a molecule, be sure to check the links section below for more information.


Media Molecule Podcast 23 - Lucid Podcasting

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