Media Molecule Podcast 5 - The User Interface of LBP2


Oh my! We’ve only gone and fulfilled our new years resolution by recording another podcast this year (although it should have been released last week oops)!

Mm Podcast 5 is slightly different to what I’m going to describe as the normal way we do things, despite not really recording enough of them to establish any kind of norm. This time we invited Jim Unwin and Nathan Ruck to join the usual gang of Spaff, Tom and Kenny, and focused our discussion on how these guys designed the User Interface for LittleBigPlanet 2.

As referenced in the podcast, Jim has recently uploaded a presentation of his concepts for the UI to Flickr. They should provide you with a more in depth glimpse into the creation of the new UI in LBP2.

Additionally, Jim will be talking at SXSW in March, so if you are going, you should go and listen to what he has to say!

If you have any questions you’d like to ask us, or any comments for us, you can mail us at - thanks for listening, we’ll be back soon!

Media Molecule Podcast 5 - The User Interface of LBP2

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