Media Molecule Podcast 7 - The Sphinx

Oooooh! In this spotlight edition of the Media Molecule Podcast, Kenny, Daniel and Spaff sit down with Mm Art Director Kareem Ettouney to discuss his influences and passions, and how they affected the look at feel of the weird mish-mash that is LittleBigPlanet. We discuss generalities of art in games, games as art, how Mm works as a studio, how you can only be as mad as how serious you are, and Kareem sneaks in his obligatory Beatles Analogy.

After the podcast Kareem attended his art class, where he painted this picture… we include it here as a great example of Kareem’s personal interests, influences and non Mm work. There’s plenty more Sphinx magic for those who are interested, just visit Kareem’s website -

Media Molecule Podcast 7 - The Sphinx

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