Meet Team Pig Detective!

Pig Detective is definitely not the most diligent and brightest piglet. Instead of investigating dangerous cases, he prefers to sit in his favorite café and eat croissants. But when the mouse Gloria – a nightclub owner in Little Cologne – asks the animal investigator for his help, the tranquility is over.

In the first part of the Pig Detective series "A Little Trouble in Little Cologne", you have to hang around in the darkest corners of the city, enter bad dunts in search of traces, and deal with nasty crooks. The adventure in chic film noir style is definitely suitable for families. First priority has the exploration of the world, the great humor and its pretty weird characters that get shot – as in episode 2, at most on cardboards in a shooting gallery. Amazing: Numerous voice actors ensure that the characters on screen come to life.

If you've cracked the case, you can jump right into the next adventure. "Pig Detective 2: Adventures in Cowboy Town – REDUX" takes the animal hero to the wild west and deals with birds of prey and a creepy secret. Oh yes, and this time, the Pig Detective will experience some romance too. Team Pig Detective's creators are planning more episodes that will take their hero to new locations.

With about 15 minutes of play time, most of the episodes are pleasantly entertaining und can simply be played in between. If you want a longer adventure with the pig detective, then go to the "Adventures in Cowboy Town". This episode provides you with plenty of fun in feature length with around 90 minutes.

Detective Pig2

The creator: Team Pig Detective

Behind the imaginative stories and the wonderful gameplay are the creative minds of the users SdeReu and Lotte_Double, who are real celebrities as Team Pig Detective in Dreamiverse. Sebastian and Lotte met on a blind date in a fabric store, where they selected the materials for a friend's costume.

While working on the design and the production, the two became best friends, but it really sparked a while later. Now they are a couple who like to play games in front of the screen with the classic couch co-op for nights on end.

During the cosy evenings, the best ideas for further Pig Detective adventures, music videos or mini-games – such as the Pig Detective Halloween Special – usually came up.

Other important elements like custom made assets or soundtracks for the games are provided from other members of the awesome Dreams-Community.

For example, AndymationB contributes impressive drawings and sculpts to the games, the audio creator Phreakerz made the Halloween special's music, or ReddishBoat even composed a complete soundtrack for "Pig Detective Part 2".

Seb Lotte

Piggy Christmas: The Pig Detective Advent calendar

Perfect for Christmas season, the team has also designed a themed Advent calendar. You still have time to open the doors before the holidays, and to experience the Christmas story "Pig Detective and the Christmas Humbugs". Behind the 24 doors are tokens for supplied dioramas, which give you clues to the next exciting case of the investigative pig.

Intrigued by the story of Pig Detective? Click the links in this blogpost to check out the series and the creators on!


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