Mini Molecule’s Planting Session for OakLeaf!

Last week our Mini Molecules gathered together upstairs, took out their paintbrushes and pens and got to work decorating lots of plant pots, all in aid of helping to raise funds for local mental health charity, Oakleaf Enterprise!

Minis Planting Session 2
Minis Planting Session 5

The Minis get to work on their pots!

The plant pots are going to be sold at the local farmer’s market here in Guildford, where Oakleaf currently runs a stall every month. The minis’ pots will be planted up with beautiful tulips and daffodils and will then be sold on the stall, with all monies raised going to help support the incredible work that Oakleaf do in and around the community.

Minis Planting Session 4

The finished pots all together :)

Minis Planting Session 6

We're beginning to plant them up!

Along with the mini’s, we also had a few big Molecules helping out too! Our Art Director Kareem quietly picked up a paintbrush and got to work on a pot… and turned it into something of a masterpiece! This limited Kareem edition plant pot will also be available to buy on the stall so make sure you hot foot it over there to snag yourself this one-of-a-kind piece!

Minis Planting Session 7
Minis Planting Session 8

This pot looks very wise, I bet he'd have some stories to tell!

The market will be happening on Tuesday 4th April between 10.30am and 3.30pm in Guildford High Street. Come along and help us raise lots of money for the fantastic Oakleaf charity, and get yourself a lovely gift to boot!

Minis Group

The Mini's proudly sharing their pots!


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