Mm art on show at Brighton’s Pixel-Hail Exhibition

If you are in or near to Brighton, UK, why not pop down to the Fishing museum on the seafront this weekend, and take a gander at the Pixel Hail exhibition, where art by our very own Jim Unwin and Kareem Ettouney will be on show. We’ll be heading down tonight to a private showing, ooh aren’t we fancy?


22nd May – 24th May 2009 – The Art of Videogames
An exhibition of art from, and inspired by, videogames

For three days, the annex of Brighton’s Fishing Museum will be taken over by a multimedia exhibition of art from, and inspired by, videogames. Award winning videogames artists will exhibit, alongside artists who’s lives are meshed in someway with the world’s largest entertainment industry: videogames.

Private view: the Friday night opening event will play host to the UK and Brighton’s games luminaries as well as artists and members of the press. A mobile phone auction on the evening will give away an exclusive one-off piece of game art, with all proceeds going to charity. The following two days will be a public exhibition with a special kids’ cosplay event on the Saturday afternoon outside the Fishing Museum.

Venue: Brighton Fishing Museum on May 22nd (private view on the evening), May 23rd and 24th (open all day for visitors).


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