Move Masterpieces

Behold yee the winner and honourable mentions of the recent Move Masterpiece contest over on the LittleBigWorkshop forums.

All of these wonderful meisterworks were made with the Move Paint tool from the LBP2 Move pack, look at them shine and sparkle with their pixelated inks!

The Winner


September Girl By natuhito

Although there was much deliberation, there’s no denying that September Girl was our favourite Move Masterpiece entry!
We saw plenty of Sackboy and Sackgirl paintings but what really caught our eye with this particular painting was the way that natuhito had managed to capture pure human emotion and expression into the portrait.
The level of detail involved is simply superb with such an incredible amount of detail and attention put into ensuring that the painting is suitably symmetrical for a human being and that the shadowing and lighting across the whole piece was spot on to help truly bring the painting to life!

Honourable mentions

Alice In Zombieland By Foreva-Dead

London’s Burning By Olmco

Lone Wolf By Haymurus

Scribbled Scenery By Slapp-Me-Do

Starry Night By RedJackal1

The Little Elf By Konfedia

The Thinking Creator By Crasher360

Tree of Hope By BloodSynlol


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