We can't quite believe the day is here that we get to say: Dreams is here! (At least for our Early Access, community! Only a few short days until the rest of the world enters the Dreamiverse!)

What an incredible day, both for us here at the studio and for those of you who have joined us on this journey (some of you since 2013!) We wanted to do something special to mark the occasion - and that's celebrating the journey YOU have been on since the Dreams beta kicked off, or day one of Dreams Early Access.

Introducing: #MyFirstDream! A way for us all to showcase how far we've come (so far!) in Dreams. Whether it's the work you're most proud of, or simply your latest creation in the Dreamiverse, we're inviting you to share a couple of pictures that best capture your Dreams journey so far! Of course, we’ve been digging through the wayback machine to find some early images of Dreams and Art’s Dream because, well, we’ve been on quite the journey over the last several years and we’ve come pretty far too!

Below, you can download a template to help you display your creations on social media. This is compatible with most picture editing software, but don't worry if you can't use it - the important bit is your creations! Just grab a picture of your first ever creation in Dreams, and another of your most recent, and you're done! Post them alongside each other and showcase your own personal Dreams journey! We've kicked things off with our own, which you can see here.


Click & Save this template to get started!

We'd love to see as many Dreamers as possible getting involved, so let us know by tagging us in your posts on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook! Don't forget to tag it with #MyFirstDream, too.