National Coding Week with Liam and Amy

Although it hasn’t officially started yet, National Coding Week is right around the corner and we’re very excited to be taking part in the coding celebrations this year with a couple of special blogs written by our very own Liam De Valmency and Amy Phillips – both excellent programmers here at Media Molecule.

National Coding Week

National Coding Week is a global initiative aimed at inspiring and guiding people from all walks of life to learn how to code. There's a whole host of events going on throughout September so be sure to head on over to the official NCW website to learn more! It's a fantastic program and one we're very proud to support.

Up first we have Liam's blog, which is now live on the NCW website if you fancy taking a look (and we think you should because it's jolly good). In it, Liam shares his journey into the world of programming, from small beginnings making simple flash games all the way through to how he got a job here with us at Media Molecule! It's a really interesting read and Liam even offers his own advice for any aspiring coders at the end so be sure to check it out!

Here's a little snippet to get you going, and you can read the full blog here:


I don’t think it hit me until university just how broad the applications of programming are. The same set of skills enable you to tackle thousands of problems. Games, websites, and mobile apps are obvious candidates of course, but less obvious are things like medical software — writing programs that help cure and care for people. Or scientific research; how about writing code that monitor marine life in the unseen depths of the ocean? Or putting things in space; rockets don’t get up there without some very good programmers telling them how to go about it. Augmented reality, automated cars, drone-based package delivery services — you name it. Every futuristic technology requires, at its core, some clever software and the people to write it, and you could be one of those people.


Amy's blog for National Coding Week has been released today and it's a great read. Find out how Amy accidentally fell into coding at University, where her journey began in the industry and what advice she has for aspiring programmers. Here's a quick taster below, head on over to the National Coding Week Blog to read it in full!

Amy Small

I kind of accidentally fell into coding whilst trying to find an easier subject at University!  I did a bit of maths, some physics, and then discovered that computer science was both fascinating and a lot easier (bonus!).  After graduating I spent a year in the Computer Lab at Cambridge Uni, hacking on the linux kernel and as a side project improving my productivity massively by writing code to monitor the Coffee Pot and email me when it was full.


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