New blog, new feature: Found Art!

The Mm office is a melting pot of semi-organised creative chaos. Doodles, paintings and idea-splurges line the walls, scribblings on the backs of notepads lie abandoned in meeting rooms. And the desks of the Molecules are each as unique as the Molecule who lives there - covered in pen-squigglings and post-it note artwork.

We thought we’d share some of the awesomeness, which can be found quite simply littering the office, in our new blog feature: Found art.

Every so often, we’ll take a walk around the office, find some art, and put it on the blog for you to enjoy.

First up, is this envelope doodle from Mm’s Commander-in-chief doodler, Rex :)


In unrelated news, Spaff has been kidnapped by his girlfriend and taken to Copenhagen!


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