New Release Dates!


Thanks for all of your comments and support! It’s been a tough time for gamers, LBP fans, and Mm alike! but it seems that there’s only about 1 week to wait – so thankyou for your patience. It’ll be worth it!

We were waiting to hear from Sony on the new release dates and so we held off on an update until now. They’ve pulled out all the stops to keep the delay down, so now we can let you all know the details.

In the US LittleBigPlanet will begin shipping the week of October 27th and so depending how close your nearest shop is to the trucks you may have your hands on a copy that very day. We would love to hear where/who manages to get it first! Leave a comment! :)

In the UK, Europe, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand LittleBigPlanet should start to appear in stores no later than the week commencing Monday 3rd November. The UK has confirmed that it should be available on the 5th and no later.

In Japan we understand from SCEI that our release date has not changed, it remains the 30th October.

Some of you have asked about pre-orders and early copies. Everything should remain as before – you will get your exclusive pre-order content, we’ll go on patching the game, and everything will work as if none of this had ever happened! I think in the end, everyone will be happy.

In the coming weeks until launch, as a way of saying thanks for your patience to our loyal Mm readers, we’ll make sure we’ve got some great content on this site for you, so stay tuned!

Lots of people have asked us to switch on the beta again and we looked into it at length, but now that the delay to the game is only a week, it just wasn’t technically possible to get new keys out, bring back the servers, and so on. Besides, we’ve working on some cooler ways of connecting with you lot directly, that can include those who weren’t able to get beta keys.

Wherever you’re from, thanks so much for your patience on this slightly surreal turn of events! We will keep updating this post as we get any more news. Stay tuned! The game isn’t far away now :)



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