Not This week but next week on the store: InFAMOUS

Danger: Pun levels are high – Ample warning has been given!

Whilst thinking of new costumes to make, some bright spark had an electrifying idea, one that might not shock anyone but one that was certainly quite current and one we just couldn’t OHMit.

This Next week on the PSN store will be a costume based on is-he-good-or-is-he-evil loose wire Cole MacGrath, electric super power possessing protagonist of recent PS3 game InFAMOUS. It comes in both flavours too, Good and Evil.



We love this costume so much it hertz. OK I’d better pull the plug on these revolting puns before somebody blows a fuse!

Update: OK, Sorry folks, remember that fuse? Looks like it blew – this store update will be with you next week,  on August 6th.


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