Object Capture Bug: Fix is stewing!



Hello LittleBigPlaneteers, as some of the more advanced creators will have noticed, along with the improvements in 1.07 ‘Roquefort’, we accidentally introduced a small but annoying bug which caused some issues when capturing complex objects into your popit. Alas! Regressions occasionally happen, and we are very sorry for any trouble it may have caused you. Luckily, it won’t affect most of you, and for those who run across it, help is at hand! Read on for more…

Firstly, intrepid and brilliant user rz22g / ‘Kratos 4’ has posted a detailed workaround on youtube: 

Outstanding job and excellent voiceover there Mr Kratos.

Secondly, Moo here at Mm towers jumped into the fray and has submitted an emergency fix into the magical PS3 QA system. However, to make sure we don’t introduce any more regressions, it has to go through a fair amount of testing and QA. What with the holiday season upon us, and the complexity of LBP, this will take a few working days - so we can’t promise you an exact date for the fix to go out. But rest assured that the problem has been found and (as far as we know), squashed. At the same time, we’re also looking at a couple’o'ther issues, such as a text-chat-disappearing issue, which we’ll roll up and deliver as soon as possible, along with yet-more downloadable goodies. Most likely as a 2009 new years drop!

On the up-side, this doesn’t stop the game from being as fun as ever - and y’all have MGS to look forward to real-soon-now. See you online, paintinating away!

For those interested in the behind-the-scenes stuff, the change that we made to popit that caused all the kerfuffle is part of a suite of changes we’re making under the hood, that will let us & you the community track not just levels, but individual creations and how they are used and distributed in levels, amongst the community. I can’t give any more details yet, but I promise it will be worth it, especially for budding creators and object sharers! Mr Kratos 4 will certainly become known as a dab hand at tank creation, if his current work is anything to go by… Hang in there and in the meantime, you can use his workaround and enjoy Playing Creating and Sharing your way into 2009. Happy Holidays!



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