On This Week's Dreams Livestream: Time-Lapse Creation!

For this week's Dreams livestream we've got something a little different for you.

We're going to be showing you an exclusive, never-before-seen time-lapse video of some of our very talented artists doing a bit of sculpting, but not just any sculpting... they're creating some very interesting characters and worlds. Could these be new characters and worlds from our upcoming game Dreams? Ooh you tease!

The stream will be a great example of the speed and ease of creation within Dreams, showing the game’s innovative ability to reflect individual style and flair.


After watching the video, we'll then be hosting a short community Q&A where you'll be able to ask us some of your burning questions and we'll try to answer as many as we can!

You can tune in live tomorrow (Thursday 14th July) at 5pm UK time on TwitchYouTube Gaming and you can also find us on PSN Events too!

We can't wait to see all you folks on the livestream! Be sure to keep watching till the end, as we may have a rather exciting cameo lined up for you all ;)


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