One Million Levels!

One MeeeeeeeellionAwesomeness alert: Reports sent to us from our friends at Sony indicate that we just recently passed one million player created levels on LittleBigPlanet! That means you lot have created and published a level every 21 seconds since we launched the game last year! Apparently those million levels have been played more than 244 million times in total, wowee!

Over 1 Million Levels!

Download as a wallpaper – Wide screen, 4:3, mobile phone, PS3 - also an avatar, and a forum signature!

This is truly a momentous occasion, and to think some people said it would never work! Well here’s to you guys, what great job you’ve done, filling LittleBigPlanet with more invention, creativity, imagination, fun, rocket powered skateboards and ramps than we ever thought was possible – well done! If you keep making them, we’ll keep playing them, and so will everyone else by the looks of things. Let’s all watch this video to celebrate.


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