Our 10th Birthday Celebrations!


At the end of January we all got together for a day of festivities to officially celebrate our 10th birthday! Many weeks of planning and secrecy had gone into this party; we wanted it to be a total surprise for the team so most of the Molecules had no idea what the afternoon would entail. A big thank you must go out to Kath, Luci and Eoin, our winning party planners, who organised an amazing and unforgettable afternoon for us all <3

Mm Entrance

Mmm... ice cream!

The day began with everyone bundling into a coach to be taken off to a surprise destination in the countryside. After a short coach ride, we arrived in the historic town of Horsell at the scenic 'Waters Edge Cafe'. The place had been suitably decked out with a giant pink Mm logo adorning the front entrance, and colourful ice creams leading the way inside. Once we had all filtered in and taken our seats, it was time to grab a glass of bubbly and toast the start of the party!

Mm Party Decorations

Molecule Memories <3

And then we ate! For the rest of the afternoon, we were taken on a delicious journey through our games in the form of experimental and creative dishes, all cooked up by Head Chef and restaurant owner Aneke Spacie, with insightful help from Luci, Kath and Eoin. We ate our way through 6 courses including 'The Gardens' from LittleBigPlanet, 'The Lab' from Tearaway and 'The Olympic Banana' - a momentous moment in our history.

The Gardens

Take your pick from The Gardens

About half way through the meal, a few Molecules fancied stretching their legs and making room for dessert, so we decided to venture out and explore the grounds. This involved a spot of larking around in a lookout shed and causing mild havoc – not surprising really

Molecules In The Wild

Molecules in the wild!

Along with celebrating our birthday, we also got the chance to celebrate the birth of our newest Mini Molecule, Charlie Abdeen (bubba of Gem!) who was born on 4th January 2016 – Mm’s birthday! <3 Now that’s dedication! He is absolutely beautiful and we can’t wait to celebrate many future birthdays with him :)

Baby Charlie

Little Baby Charlie, born on Mm's birthday!

Once all the delicious food had been eaten and many moments shared, we all bundled back into the coach to continue the celebrations back at Mm Towers, which went on long into the night. It’s safe to say there were many sore but happy heads the following morning!

We had an awesome day celebrating together, and there’ll be plenty more parties and celebrations coming up in the year ahead. We couldn’t have got this far without the love and support of our incredible community so we’ve got some fun things up our sleeves. Watch this space!

Here’s to the next 10 years!

Mm Group 2

Happy 10th Birthday Mm!