Our community site gets an update for Tearaway Unfolded!

It’s here! The launch week for Tearaway Unfolded is finally unfolding before our eyes and we can’t contain our papery excitement! We are already seeing so many beautiful screenshots and gifs coming through, it’s absolutely tearrific! (geddit?)

Today we wanted to share a bit more info about the updates we’ve added to our fantastic community site, which has been given a fine sprucing up for the launch of Tearaway Unfolded, thanks to our amazing web team. is home to the papercraft creations and photos of the Tearaway community. It acts as your online hub for everything you do in the game. Your progress throughout the game is saved to your profile, and everything you create in the game can be uploaded and shared with other Tearaway Messengers around the world! also stores all the papercraft plans of the things you discover as you play through the game, so when you unlock a plan in the game, you can log onto to download your plan, print it out at home and make it IRL! It’s pretty cool.

The homepage, with its spiffing new look!

The first thing you’ll notice when visiting is that we’ve given it a complete make-over. It’s got a beautiful new home screen with lots of exciting things for you to read and discover. Our Community Picks section where we share our favourite photos has now been updated to include the awesome gifs you can make in Tearaway Unfolded and we have also added a new ‘Creating’ section underneath where we’ll be highlighting our favourite papercraft models that have been made, along with any cool custom stuff such as rad costumes and decorations!

The homepage now highlights some of the papercraft models our lovely community have been making.

Profile pages have also been updated to show your progress in both Tearaway on PS Vita and Tearaway Unfolded on PS4 including which papercraft plans you’ve unlocked in each game, so you’ll be able to keep track of how you’re getting on nice and easily. We’ve also included a section in your papercraft collection for the new Doodle Skins, which are exclusive new models found in Tearaway Unfolded that have been designed by different artists at Media Molecule! These rare skins are slightly harder to find in the game, but are worth the search as they are pretty ace!

The papercraft collection now includes the all-new doodle skins for selected models.

You can also see what photos you’ve hearted or shared through your profile too, using the link in the top right hand corner of the page, which also give you handy access to view your profile page (so you can see how you look to others on the web) and to your settings, so you can edit your privacy settings and control what is shared and what isn’t.

Along with all these nifty new features, we’ve also hidden some new Easter Eggs in the site too, which can be unlocked using the ‘Crafty Codes’ search box at the bottom of the page… perhaps a cat party might be a nice place to start… We’ll leave you to figure that one out, and we’ll reveal clues to the others soon as well!

We hope you all enjoy using the new site, we certainly had lots of fun updating it and we can’t wait to see it fill up with all your photos, gifs and papercrafts from Tearaway Unfolded! We are always updating our Community Picks sections, so check back often to see if your creations made the cut!

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