Our first Tearaway Unfolded community roundup!

Now that Tearaway Unfolded is out in the wild and in the hands of all you marvellous creators, we're seeing hundreds of photos filling up our streams with paper and colour!

Whether it's on or on Twitter (or elsewhere!), you talented folks are sharing some amazing things and we wanted to highlight our favourites with a community roundup! Each month we'll pick our favourite shots, through a variety of awesome categories depending on what we come across that month, and we'll share them for your viewing pleasure!

Ahem, drum roll please! I hereby present to you, our very first community roundup! We're definitely off to a cracking start here. I have to say, a special shout-out goes to @LBPlombax7 for that AMAZING PS Vita Messenger, it's incredible! Look at those charger cable arms! What a genius way to pay homage to Tearaway's first home. Well done @LBPlombax7, you've done us proud! We'd love to see some gifs or videos of your Messenger in action?

What a fantastical first month it's been in the world of Tearaway Unfolded! I wonder what will be created next time? :)


Click away to see these shots in their full, papery glory! <a href="">CheeseIsBeef</a> | <a href="">LBPlombax7</a> | <a href="">MDKtm</a> | <a href="">TheMindOfColi</a>


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