Paris Games Week Mmega Recap!

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Last week a whole bunch of Molecules packed up their suitcases and headed for the beautiful city of Paris, which would be our home for the next week as we showed our new game Dreams for the PS4 to the thousands of show-goers at Paris Games Week. We’d been building up to this show for a long time. Since we revealed Dreams at E3 this year, the next big show was always going to be Paris Games Week and we were so excited to show the world what we’d all been working so hard on. The Molecule was most definitely buzzing with excitement!


Molecules excitedly waiting for the show to start!

Our week started with the big Sony Press Conference, where we demoed Dreams live onstage for the very first time, and showed a little bit more about characters and possession, explaining how you move around in the world of Dreams and what you might encounter. As Alex and Mark took to the stage, we all waited excitedly in the wings, this was it! Despite shaking with anticipation, I managed to take some photos of them up on stage.


Alex and Mark playing Dreams, live for the first time


Adventuring deeper into the Library

After the Press Conference, we all hopped in taxis and raced across town to get to our next appointment – the Behind Closed Doors sessions with bloggers and journalists! These sessions ran all evening, and gave us the chance to dive deeper into what we had just shown onstage, revealing more about the tools and showing how you’ll be able to create in Dreams. We also got to show off some of our amazing 3D prints, all made 100% in Dreams and printed in our little studio, it was a lot of fun.
Here’s a few snaps from the Behind Closed Doors sessions.


Alex, Kareem and Mark talking Dreams


Our 3D prints, made by Radek and John


Kareem shows off sculpting in Dreams

After the Press conference and the Behind Closed Doors sessions, we saw some really great reactions and articles online. Here’s a selection of our favourite coverage:


Alex piecing together our stormy scene

Along with Dreams, we also brought the beautiful, papery worlds of Tearaway Unfolded with us to the expo, which was playable on the show floor in the Junior section. Of course, no show is complete without a healthy dose of papercrafting! Alex and I brought along our papercrafting suitcase on the Monday night and got to work, transforming our section into a stormy scene from Sogport. After a few hours of intense papercrafting, we were done and could step back to admire our paperwork :)


Looking good


Our King Squirrel shows you the way


Stormy Sogport is ready!

The show opened to the public on Wednesday and for the next few days we spent our time between looking after the Tearaway Unfolded booth and doing Dreams interviews. It was a lot of fun!

On the Thursday night, we hosted our very first Dreams community meetup, which was being held on the PlayStation VIP mezzanine. Needless to say, we were all super excited for this! After months of hard work and planning, we couldn’t wait to set the space up and start meeting our Dreams community; it was such an exciting moment. All the Molecules got stuck in, blowing up balloons and sticking posters on the wall; we wanted the space to look its best for our community. The meetup went really well, it was great to be able to meet some of our twitter and forum friends, and to also meet new folks who are interested in Dreams. We had a blast and we’re already planning our next meetup as we speak, we can’t wait!


Dreams balloons, filled with confetti


Molecules ASSEMBLE


Our rad Mm banners!


Kareem couldn't resist a quick sketch...


The party in full swing!

Our last big adventure for the week was our Twitch stream on Friday, which we recorded LIVE from the amazing Quantic Dream at their studio in Paris! David Cage and his team very kindly offered us their meeting room (and their internet connection!) so that we could do a longer, and more in-depth live stream. We also had a VERY special guest on the show on Friday, the great MrStampy83 from YouTube who made those insanely accurate Dreams analysis videos! We invited him along to our community event on the Thursday, and he flew all the way over from Croatia to see us (omg!), we were absolutely thrilled. We then managed to help him stay an extra day so that he could join us on the live stream and interview Mark, asking lots of fantastic questions which I know the community have all been dying to ask themselves! If you missed the stream on Friday, you can catch it on our YouTube channel, take a look now, start it at the 5.17 mark!

Dreams PS4 - Jamming live from Quantic Dream! | Live Stream

What an amazing week it was! After months of hard work and dedication, we are so incredibly proud to show Dreams, our baby to the world. We couldn’t have done it without Sony, so a massive thank you to them for always supporting us and allowing us to go off the beaten track and make our Dreams. And most importantly thank YOU. Thank you to everyone out there for all the love and belief in what we are making. We’ve been blown away by the amount of excitement and positivity we’ve seen for Dreams, our hearts are filled to the brim with love and we can’t wait to get this out there and into your hands! We couldn’t have done it without you, thank you for making our Dreams come true.


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