Pia, Pia, Piano!

I am the music man, I come from, er, Edinburgh…

ANYWAYS! After I finished working on the game a couple of weeks ago (or, rather, after I was told to stop working on the game by a particularly-lethal-looking-kipper-brandishing Siobhan), I spent a couple of days making some audio contraptions. The piano level above is one if the fruits of my labours.

I must confess that it is totally impractical as a music making device within LBP - it certainly looks and sounds the part, but coordinating multiple sack folk to jump at the same time would take a lot of practice.

Version 1 there uses proximity switches to trigger the keys which in turn makes the piston attached to each key shrink down and tells the sound object to play at the same time. With Version 2 I plan to make the keys trigger by some other means (maybe magnetic key switches?) and have some giant hands which come down and play chords! That way I could have three buttons on top of the piano and, before you know it, you can play the entire back catalogue of Status Quo! AMAZING! But not built yet…

Apologies for the slightly obscure musicologists joke in that video - the tritone is traditionally “the devil’s interval” (cue distant rumble of thunder). If you play the particular tritone marked out by the cute little devil-sackboy stickers you win the piano, which you can then put in your own levels! YAY!



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