Play Tearaway Unfolded at the V&A this evening!

Fancy playing Tearaway Unfolded and making some papercraft? Then come and join us this evening as part of Pushing Buttons, this months Friday Late event at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

We'll be hanging out, chatting and proudly playing out freshly finished Tearaway Unfolded and of course - making papercraft!

Admission is FREE and alongside Tearaway Unfolded there are loads of other fantastic video games and curiosities to discover and play, like Lumino City, Wild Rumpus, LHS Bike Shed, Hearthstone, 65 Days of Static - and lots more.
It'll be great! You should totally come.

Pushing Buttons at the V&A Aug 2015

Full details of tonight's activities is available on the V&A website.


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