Radio 1’s Big Gaming Weekend

Radio 1 is hosting a Big Gaming Weekend in the UK at the moment, to celebrate video games and all the joy they bring.

They’ve also got LittleBigPlanet involved in their fun with an asset pack full of Radio 1 content to use for creating your own LBP Radio 1 Machinima videos! You can use the content with a PSeye to get images in to the game, or use it while editing your footage.
Naomi sat down on Friday with the pack and made this great little video:

So get involved this weekend with Radio 1’s fun, download the asset pack and get creating!
If you want to share your creations with the community in LittleBigPlanet or with video sharing sites, just make sure you begin the name or tag it with Radio1BGW so we can find it.
You never know, if you make something great then we might throw a crown your way.

You can listen online to Radio 1 now and find out more about the Big Gaming Weekend at the official microsite.


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