Ratings? Rate This!

The server guys have been hard at work tweaking the ratings system and now it is time for you to tryout those changes! This means that over time we should see a bit more movement on the Community Planet front page as well-rated levels go up the list and poor-rated levels sink down.

Here’s a quick refresh on how to apply your stars:

1 Stars

Not Recommended - Which means something like ‘OMG! This levels stinks, it’s awful, it’s really not very good AT ALL! Yuck!’

2 Stars

Needs Work – Hmm, Not bad, the Creator needs to change that bit…  …and that bit…  …and possibly that bit and then it could be OK

3 Stars

Worth Playing – Pretty average, not great but not awful, you know, it’ll do. Or maybe there’s something about this level that people have to see and you want other people to know that.

4 Stars

Very Good – Now we’re talking! This could be a level that someone has spent a lot of time on and it shows (maybe great artwork or fun gameplay, etc). You shouldn’t give 4 Stars lightly unless you really enjoyed it so really make that stern face and consider before you rate it.

5 Stars

Must Play! – Ok, so you’ve just played a level that has left you stunned, there’s a huge smile on your face and your hands are shaking. You’ve just played a level worth rating 5 Stars, the epitome of ratings. You need to let everyone know so rate away! (no stern face this time because you just know it’s worth 5 stars).

So why should we all rate levels? Well, it’s a nice way of showing your ‘thanks’ to the Creator. Nothing makes a Creator smile more than seeing their level rating going up and up and, hopefully, this will make them want to make more great levels for us all to enjoy.

In the future, ratings will help us all find those hidden gems and reward all the hard work from the Creators but more about that in the future.

Oh, and remember if you have something to say about the level, put in a comment . Don’t be shy, Creators love to hear from people who have played their levels.


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