Roberta and Raj's Work Experience at Mm!

Are you a young person interested in a career in games? At Mm, we offer week long opportunities for work experience across most of our departments. If you’re interested in work experience at Mm, we generally offer this in April and July and you can find more details on how to apply here. We get lots of applications so we can’t accept everyone who asks - if you’re applying, make sure to include a cover letter and tell us all about what you want to do and why you want to do it here.

This week we were joined by Roberta and Raj, who are interested in art and gameplay programming, respectively. They were kind enough to write a little about their experience and you can read more below:


This single most amazing week has been full of unforgettable opportunities - meeting brilliant members of the team, talking about their departments and their individual jobs, and getting to know the real side of the game development field. This large family has shown me different sides of game development - from testing out games to helping me build my own project with their advice.

Roberta Creation

Roberta's dragon in Dreams!

This experience really influenced my outlook on this job. Seeing the hard work and all the deadlines, I honestly have a much clearer view on everything now and it makes me want to dive deeper into this field. Being part of this team, for even this short amount of time, made me more motivated. I know this is the right job I want to do in the future.

The week started off with an introduction to what we would be doing throughout the week and meeting some members of the team. But soon after, we dived into the tutorials, learning about the controls and the endless opportunities the game had to offer. Throughout this experience I even got to see some of the other member’s impressive creations. It’s truly been an amazing experience that I will never forget. All thanks to the family which is Media Molecule!

Roberta Raj


My time at Media Molecule went so great I am unable to convert feelings into words, but I shall try regardless. As I arrived for the first time at the studio, there was a tour around the place in which I got to know where each of the departments are found and meet the divergent and extraordinary people involved in the making of Dreams. I was gob-smacked how lively the atmosphere is and the way everyone got on so well with each other despite coming from different backgrounds and having different interests.

The rest of the time was spent going through the informative tutorials and applying this knowledge to create a level by myself although at times I got help with certain parts I struggled with. Also, I tried spending time getting to know everyone, how they became the amazing people they are and advice so I can be like them.

Raj Creation

Raj's level in Dreams!

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself, so much that I am seeing myself suddenly near the end of my placement at the time of writing this. Dreams was beyond what I expected and made me get involved in other aspects of a game such as music and art rather than just the programming and logic side. And all I can say is that I am sad to leave and wish I could do the week again.


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