Run and Hide – here come the Monsters!


Get out your holy water, silver bullets and cricket bats! Here come the Monsters!

This Thursday, a gang of ghoulish fiends will crawl out from their various spooky hideouts and burst onto the PSN store. The Monsters come as two downloadable content packs; a four strong set of costumes, and a Monsters creator kit so stuffed full of new stickers, objects, music, sounds, and materials that the hessian seams are sure to burst from the strain of it. The kit also contains a gallery level, a level with very limited gameplay made with all the new items to show them off!

Check out the trailer below to see the pack in action!

YouTube version also available

May 21st : Monsters Kit : $3.99 / €3.99

The Monsters Kit arrives and is the first of a new kind of content pack we’ve got heading your way in the coming months. 
Described broadly as a Medium pack, the Monsters Kit contains a large amount of creative goodness for you to use in your own level designs. It also includes a gallery level showing off the contents of the kit.
  • 4 Ready made pieces : Rotary Saw, Mannequin Head, Mannequin Legs, Mannequin Torso
  • 5 Materials : Orange Fabric, Fish Scales, Reptile Skin, Eggshell, Chesterfield
  • 26 Monster decorations including Witch Nose, Tentacles, Splat, Rusty Nail and much more
  • 96 Monster theme stickers
  • Horror sounds : A goodly number of suitably grim sounds
  • Music : ‘Party Ghouls’ (interactive track)
  • UPDATE! We forgot to mention the Background! The Monster Cave!


May 21st : Monster Costume Pack : $2.99 / €2.99

To accompany the Monsters Kit come four fangtastic costumes that are sure to entertain. These costumes are also available individually.
  • Count Sackula: Count Sackula hair, legs, jacket, cloak, teeth and skin
  • Bride of Sackula costume: Bride of Sackula hair, legs, dress, cloak, teeth and skin
  • Werewolf: Werewolf head, torso, tail, and trousers
  • Zombie: Zombie torso, legs, and skin


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