Shiny New Search features

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Just a quick update let everyone know that LBP now has some new search features.

In addition to the Author search (put @ in front of the search word to search by Author) there are now some more new search methods.

Search for words in Level Title only

To search for words in Level Title only, put a $ in front of the search word . For example, to search for levels with ‘Frenzy’ in the Level Title type:


Search for exact words

To search for exact words, use single quotes, like this:


This will search ONLY for the word ‘frenzy’ in Level Title and Level Description (so no fonzy, friendzy, fencey, frendy, frondy, fwendy, etc,etc).

Search for phrases only

To search by phrase, say, ‘The Mighty Tower of Ultimate Doom’, use double quotes, like this:

“The Mighty Tower of Ultimate Doom”

This will search only the Level Title & Level Description for exactly that phrase.

Combine Searches

If that’s not enough for you (whaa…!?) you can even combine searches! What do I mean? Well, say I wanted to search for ‘Marks Multi Mega Marvellous Mashing Machine’ by ‘MarkLovesMashing9988′, I’d type in:

$Mashing @MarkLovesMashing9988

Which will search for all levels with ‘Mashing’ in the Level Title that also has ‘MarkLovesMashing9988′ as the author.

Or I could type:

‘Mashing Machine’ @MarkLovesMashing


$Mashing @Mashing

I could go on, but I think you get the idea?

On top of all that, the default search is now less fuzzy. So, what you search for will show less results but be of a higher quality. Basically, it’ll find less but what it finds will be a more exact match to your search word.

Phew! I’m all excited again about searching for those hidden gems. Aha!, I can even search for ‘MmSC’ without getting lots of ‘Misc’ levels (was that a subtle hint that there’s going to be another Mm Picks Survival Challenge Edition soon? hmmm, maybe…)

Remember, if you find any gems out there, let me know!

Anyways, Enjoy!


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