Siobhan Reddy: The Invisible Woman

Kotaku Australia interviewed our super-star studio director Siobhan about how she found her way into the games industry, the women who supported her path through it, and why, as a woman in the industry, she feels the need to be as visible as possible.

For years Siobhan sat on a BAFTA community. She looked at the surveys, she became bewildered and depressed. The facts were clear: young women were showing zero interest in becoming a part of the games industry. “They weren’t seeing people like them in the games industry,” she explains. They weren’t seeing people like Siobhan Reddy.

Rather importantly, we also learn of Siobhan’s mission to put right an incredibly unfair wrongdoing.

The year was 1988 and a nine year old Siobhan Reddy had a big problem. Gremlins had been showing on Channel 9, but it was shown way past her bedtime so she couldn’t watch it. Clearly this was an issue that had to be rectified. And if someone was going to address this problem it might as well be Siobhan.

Read the full interview over on Kotaku Australia.


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