Some people from the internet asked Paul some questions

PAULGames has published an interview with our very own code master and Lead Architect, Paul Holden!

Paul was speaking at the Montreal International Games Summit this week, giving a talk entitled Tools and Testing in LittleBigPlanet: Consequences of a user-generated world. Here’s one of the questions now…

Q: The game’s just over a year old, so what have been the biggest lessons you’ve had to learn?

Paul Holden: We realised pretty quickly how important it is to ensure the quality of the releases and the patches. It’s surprising that even fairly small changes that we’ve made have had large impacts on the community. We have limits set within the game – such as a maximum of 1000 physics objects in a level – but that’s all interconnected. So if we try to bump up one of those limits to give people a bit more freedom that might increase the cost on memory. So we’ve learnt pretty quickly to be very thorough with those updates.

You can, and should, read the full interview with Paul over on!


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