Something for the weekend: Hansel & Gretelbot out now!

The Community made Level Pack Hansel and Gretelbot is out now!  For those who didn’t see it last week, Hansel & Gretelbot is a completely community made pack of 7 playable levels, furnished with a full story, cut scenes, voice acting, original score, and lots of prizes to collect too! It’s a might achievement, and hopefully one that will inspire others to do the same.

It’s completely free and no need to download, just head over to this page and queue up the first level!

The H&G team put together this set of awesome wallpapers to download for your PS3, plus you can read an interview with some of the creators over on LittleBigLand, where you can also download a fourth wallpaper!

On behalf of the guys, we hope you enjoy Hansel and Gretelbot, and please join us in congratulating them on their creation. May there be many more to come!



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