Sore hands and cut fingers…


...but crooked smiles all around this Hallows eve.

A few of the molecules spent their lunchtime today hacking at fruit with sharp knives. What fun!

If you’re carving your own pumpkin, or turnip*, then please be careful! The first aid box was out in force at Media Molecule towers this afternoon - if you look closely you’ll see that some of the pumpkins have more of a reddish tinge to them than others…



* When I were’t lad we’d carve our lanterns out of turnips or swedes (rutabaga). Not only could pumpkins not be bought for love nor money in the Land of Scots in the early ‘80s, but this tradition actually pre-dates the carving of pumpkins. So if you want to be authentically old-skool, grab a turnip. Unfortunately you’ll need to have the dexterity, strength and perseverance of a small mountain goat if you wish to scoop out the hardened innards of a turnip. Good luck with that li’l project…


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