Store update: Burgerman and Druid

Out on the store today – the Jon Burgerman Original Sticker Kit – 72 stickers for a paltry $1.99 / £1.59 all based on the doodles of mister Burgerman, whose creations still cover our site with win!


Also on the store, the delayed Solstice Druid costume, here at last to celebrate the summer solstice, and just in time for Glastonbury Festival too!

  • Solstice Costume: Druid Beard, Cowl, Robe, Wand (pic)
  • Remember, the Solstice Druid is free, but is time limited, and will only be available for a week or two.

    Look how long his beard is, we think it might be the longest beard in history. Let’s ask the internet… Hmm, well it’s close – the internet says that the longest beard on a living human is 6ft long and belongs to Shamsher Singh, although he is not the overall record holder. That title belongs to Hans Langseth of Norway, who had a beard 17.5ft long. Amazing. (warning: beard scrolling may cause damage to mouse wheel finger)



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