Store update: Monsters Kit and Costume Pack

The Monsters Kit and Costume Pack will be available on the store today! The Monsters Kit comes jam-packed with all sorts of materials, stickers and other creator resources for you to use in your own level designs. It also includes a gallery level with very limited game-play, to show off the contents of the kit.

Also on the store today is the Monsters Costume Pack, containing four ghoulish fiends to dress up as! Here’s the trailer again for those who missed it.

Monsters Kit – $3.99 / €3.99 / £3.19

  • 4 Ready made pieces: Rotary Saw, Mannequin Head, Mannequin Legs, Mannequin Torso
  • 5 Materials: Orange fabric, Fish Scales, Reptile Skin, Eggshell, Chesterfield
  • 26 Monster decorations
  • 96 Monster theme stickers
  • Horror sounds: A selection of suitably grim sounds
  • Music: ‘Party Ghouls’  (interactive track)
  • Background: Monster Cave

Above: A montage showing the masses of aweosme stickers available in this pack ! Look how awesome they are!

Monster Costume Pack $2.99 / €2.99 / £2.39

To accompany the Monsters Kit come four fangtastic costumes, available both as a pack and individually.
  • Count Sackula: Count Sackula hair, legs, jacket, cloak, teeth and skin
  • Bride of Sackula: Bride of Sackula hair, legs, dress, cloak, teeth and skin
  • Werewolf: Werewolf head, torso, tail, and trousers
  • Zombie: Zombie torso, legs, and skin
The costumes are also available individually!


The Monsters kit and Monsters Costume pack will be available some time today, whenever your local store updates!


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