Surprise PlayStation VR® Stream to Introduce Lauran!

It's been a little while since you've seen The Molecules on your screens, mainly because we've been busying ourselves with concocting the unique mixture of science and magic needed to create Dreams, and whilst we've been away from the cameras we've missed a couple of exciting things that we want to shout about...

The first exciting thing is the launch of PlayStation VR®! Before you all run away with your imaginations - this stream won't feature any Dreams, but we think you'll still enjoy it <3 If anything deserves celebrating with a live stream it's PSVR, so tomorrow 4 intrepid Molecules will don their headsets and weave their way through some spine-tingling games for your enjoyment!

Playstation Vr

The second on our "List of Exciting Things" is the arrival of Lauran, our new Communications Manager. We figured a sneaky live stream would be the best way to get Lauran to introduce herself ahead to you all ahead of our impending LBParty stream next week! 


We want you to get involved too! If you have any burning questions for Lauran, from the pedestrian to the bizarre, feel free to leave them in the comments or head over to Facebook or Twitter. We'll try and get through as many as we can on the stream tomorrow!

Hurrah! The Molecules will stream another day and we very much hope you can all join us! Tune in live tomorrow (Thursday 27th October) 5pm UK time on Twitch and YouTube Gaming to join The Molecules as we tussle with some mind blowing Playstation VR and hopefully make you giggle!


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