Take a Look Around the Ancient Times!

Hey! I mentioned on our Twitch stream a while back that as a hobby project at MM, I've been working on a special photo mode for 360 panoramic photo export from Dreams. While it's not realtime, the quality is awesome and the resolution can be really high!

To celebrate Maja's art pack, here's an 8K x 4K panoramic photo of a level she built using the pack. It makes a great desktop background for your phone, tablet or PC - that's how I'm using it - or you can even load it into any of a number of 360 degree panorama viewing apps to 'look around it'.

Ancient Times Panorama

Let us know if you use Maja's scene as your new desktop wallpaper! Our first BIG update to Dreams Early Access is available to download now, where you can use Maja's amazing Ancient Times art kit to create your own scenes!


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