Tearaway Community Roundup - June!

Welcome to another sunny edition of our Tearaway Unfolded Community Roundup! This month, the sun has been hiding away behind the clouds here in Guildford but luckily we've had the colourful papery world of the Tearaway community to keep our spirits up!

So who's made our papery roundup this month?

Take it away!

Community Round Up June

Everybody needs a dose of fabulousness in their lives, and who wouldn't want a fabulous Baby Wendigo? ilikethispart wins this month's 'Most Fabulous' award thanks to their fabulously decorated little friend! It's not often you see a Baby Wendigo decked out with flowers AND bow tie. A definite winning combo in our book!

When you stop and take a moment to observe your surroundings in Tearaway Unfolded, that's when you start noticing the wonderful little details that everything has in the world. Each individual papery creation is alive and has so much character, as captured beautifully with this daffodil here by Ellenshyr. It's a fantastic shot that puts this lovely little flower up in the spotlight.

MajorDX has been taking a whole bunch of fantastic photos recently; if your eyes are in need of cheering up, mosey on over to their profile page on for a burst of delight. This landscape shot really caught my eye though, those colours are so pleasingly contrasting thanks to MajorDX's use of the Chroma Filter. The Wendigo Fissure looks like a completely different place! Really lovely stuff.

Every Messenger deserves to look their best as they're adventuring through the world of Tearaway Unfolded and BaibiBunnie has done just that! They've carefully crafted a 'bluetiful' blue dress for atoi, along with pink and black stripey arms and legs. And are those tiny white bloomers on under her dress? ADORABLE! It's those little touches that really count and make a creation come together. The thought and attention to detail here is awesome to see and we can't wait to see what BaibiBunnie dons their Messenger in next! Anybody for a papery fashion show?

Well what a month it's been! It's always so tough picking our favourites for each time because there's just so many amazing creations being made everyday. To see more of our community picks head on over to where we pick fresh faves every day!

Massive papery thank You's to everyone who shared their creations and photos with us this past month. Be sure to keep on uploading your photos from the game and sharing your snaps with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #TearawayUnfolded.

Until next time folks, watch out for those Scraps!


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