Tearaway Concept Art: Finger Customisations

Let's have a peek inside the Tearaway picture catacombs for some more concept art, ooh yes these are fun ones! 

These are illustrations by Rex showing off finger customisation. Way back in the midsts of time, your finger was to be the main character in the game. The trouble was, holding your finger to the rear touch panel all the time was a bit clumsy, and the special feelings from seeing your finger pop into the game world soon faded away. When a character was added to be your friend and ally, it made the game much more engrossing and fun!

Back when your finger was the main focus though, we experimented with different customisations that your finger could dress up in to look all splendid. Here are a few examples!

Tearaway Concept Art  - 005
Tearaway Concept Art  - 016
Tearaway Concept Art  - 013


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