Tearaway Concept Art: Oola in the moonlight

Happy New Year everyone! Let's nurse our hangovers with some pleasant artwork shall we?

Early on in our projects, we produce a ton of art that no one ever gets to see except us. This is sad, especially when the pieces of art as as special as this render, from back when iota was an entirely different character, with a different name to boot! 

Tearaway Concept Art  - 024

Here you can see our original main character Oola chilling-out after a busy day exploring castles. I really like the atmosphere that Men Lu got in this image. On the edges of objects you can see dotted lines, at one point we experimented with this style but dropped it after a while because it felt too much like everything had been built from a kit, rather than someone joyfully experimenting with paper and not following the rules from a template.

– Rex Crowle


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